Grill & Games Jam 2016

Last weekend, we had the Grill & Games Jam 2016 in Munich at Werk1. It was an 8 hours game jam, followed by a delicious barbecue and game presentations. Thanks to all the organizers and sponsors!

I came as a regular participant, after the short brainstorming session (topic: “fire and flame”), my team decided to make the game ZuendelnUndSpritzeln, which looks like this:

1475946209As you can see, such a short jam is still enough to make a little game, I enjoyed the time, met some friends, and did finally some game development again.

Global Game Jam 2016

This weekend was the Global Game Jam and I joined the Munich site at Werk1 – this time as a guest only.

My team decided to create a small game called Everyday Life Simulator, but we were not able to make the game entertaining and did not find good ideas how to change it. The basic idea is that you have a character who has to follow certain rituals a day and that you need to find the right order to do so. Here is a screenshot of an early version:

els_screenshotYou can find the source code (made for Löve2d) here:

Once we decided to stop development (it was about the second day at lunch time), I started to make a small rhythmic music game in which you play two drums: Ritual Drum!


I made the game for Android, you will find the details on the sub page. Enjoy!

BBQ GameJam 2015

Last weekend we had a wonderful event: The BBQ Game Jam 2015! It was an event to combine a 24 hour game jam with a barbecue. Many thanks to the organizers and Werk1/GamesBavaria for organizing, sponsoring, and hosting this event. I had a lot of fun!

The topic for the games was sausage, my team decided to create a 2D runner: RunAway!

pic2The mission is simple: Run away from the dog before he gets you!

Mini Game Jam March 2015

Last weekend, we had the March Mini Game Jam in Munich. This time we met for a single day at Werk1. After everybody arrived, we started brain storming and decided to make a game that simulates a Game Jam: The Game Jam Simulator. It is a small RPG game in which the player fights typical issues during a game jam.

pic1The game was inspired by classical RPG games on SNES.

Thank you to everybody who joined the game jam and a special thank you to Werk1 for hosting us.

Global Game Jam 2015

Every year starts with the Global Game Jam. Like last year, I helped to oranise the Munich site at Werk1. Thank you to everybody who supported us, my co-organisers, and everybody participating! It was a great weekend and I had a lot of fun!

Similar to last year, I decided that I would not just participate as an organiser but also join a team. So this year, the theme was “What do we do now?” and my team decided to create a little survival game on an alien planet that we called “Lila Gras” (English: “Purple Grass”).

pic16I hope you will enjoy playing the game as much as we did creating it (with Löve2D – did you expect something else?).

I would be happy to get your feedback about the game or the GGJ@Werk1!

Mini GameJam August 2014

We had another GameJam in Munich again! Like the last few times, I hosted the Jam, thank you to Werk1 that we could use your Event area again. This time we did not have a specific topic: Before the Jam, everybody was requesting to do a low polygon jam, but this got killed 2 minutes after everbody arrived. Of course, this did not stop us: after brainstorming, we formed two teams, my team decided to make a coop game (still untitled) using Löve2D:screenshot Thank you to everybody for coming and see you next time or at Devmania2014 in Mainz!

Making Progress

As you may know, I am working on two Android games at the moment. A while ago, I presented Aliens from Space here in the news. The game is making some good progress, I wrote a lot of AI code, and I did plenty of optimisations. At the moment, the main task is content creation, i.e. graphics and sounds. I am also a little bit undecided if I should put the focus to action or strategy.

Apart from Aliens from Space, I have started to create a little turn-based strategy game. When I started, I tried some game play experiments and used a really awesome art style:

device-2014-07-05-231728Maybe the summer outside had some bad influence, but I decided to create a beach-like style, which look like this at the moment:

device-2014-07-26-235539This game still requires a lot of work and a title. At the moment, it has local multiplayer mode only, I want to add at least AI, maybe also some network-based mode, e.g. via e-mail like in some Civilization games. The game still needs a lot of animations, menus, some more game play elements, and some music and sound effects.

So stay tuned, more games are on the way.

Mini GameJam June 2014

This weekend I hosted our next Mini GameJam at Werk1 in Munich. Thank you, Werk1 team, for giving our Jams a home!

This time, we had only a few people around and decided to create one game with everybody. It combines Tetris and a Shoot’n’Up as a two player game with asynchronous game play: ShmupTris!

shot3Enjoy the game!

Mini Game Jam Munich / April 2014

Last week-end we had our next  Mini Game Jam in Munich. Despite the date (Eastern), we had 9 people participating. After the good experience of a break in the jam, we kept this type of event and I think it will become the default mode.

We formed one large team and started with a game idea instead of a topic. We decided to create a survival game with a lizard man to introduce some new attributes the player has to care for (=> cold blooded animal).


We had two days full of fun and finished with a little prototype: Lizard’s Journey. Some of us decided to continue development, so please check the GitHub page if you want to get regular updates.

Thank you to everybody for making it an easy event to host (just all the stairs to walk to let people in…), see you next time.

Mini Game Jam Munich / February 2014

This weekend, I had the honour to host another Mini Game Jam in Munich. We had 11 participants that created 2 games. Thank you to everybody for coming and giving me an easy life as host. This time, I set the topic to

Improving your odds doesn’t guarantee success. (Bill Gates)

My team decided to create a space racer. Regarding the topic, we decided that all bonuses and actions will also have some negative effect, e.g. acceleration makes your ship harder to control. This time, I did code and audio/music.

racingThis time, I used the game jam to try a new concept: Work in two sessions instead of 24 hours without break. I really like that both teams finished with something playable and nobody turned into a zombie-like person. I am about to credit this to our new mode.

In some discussion, we revisited more interactive audio again, so we might have another music dedicated jam soon again.