Devmania 2013

Devmania had its 5th birthday this year and I went there to meet game developers from all over Germany. Like every time, I had a good time and enjoyed to talk to other hobby game developers. Happy birthday Devmania and a big thank you to the organisers.

This year, the overnight contest used a news paper and “pick any word you like” as topic. At first, we did not find a good game idea and enjoyed presentations and talking to other developers too much, so that we were undecided if we want to join at all.

Somewhen at late evening, we decided to create a simple game: Smash a fly with a news paper. After a few minutes, we had a first prototype and we started to enjoy development. We used a few hours to improve and polish the game, create sounds, music, more graphics, some basic physics, … and we ended up with a full game. Enjoy Zeitung!