Aliens From Space

Since some months now I am working on a new Android game: “Aliens From Space”. You will play an alien ship and fight against other ships. Sorry, I do not have any release date yet. Here is a first screenshot:


As you can see, the game will use a comic style.

The game will use the touch interface to control your ship with no pseudo input controls. Don’t worry, I spent quite some time to adjust the game play to this input method.

The game will feature different weapons, multiple enemies, upgrades, … all the things you love from core games.

So stay tuned!

Mini Game Jam Munich / November 2013

Recently, I took over the organisation of Mini Game Jams in Munich. The first episode that I hosted was November 2013. The topic for this Game Jam was ‘Unexpected’. Thank you to everybody who came and joined us.

My team decided to implemented a game called Passierschein A38. We decided to create a game with a dynamically changing world. Unfortunately, we did not finish and the game is not full playable and sound effects are not working. Checkout the code if you want to take a look, we do not have a binary so far. Here is a screenshot:screenshot_level