This page is intended to publish my small game projects. Some of them are just short tests of a game idea which are actually fun to play, others were created at jam sessions or overnight contests. I hope you will enjoy those games.

During game development, I also like to explore new technologies, so do not expect that I claim a single technology to be the best. But I like system independent technologies, so most PC games will run on Linux and Windows.

Why the name of this homepage? Because nowadays many games are produced with a high quality of graphics, but they forget about the most import thing of a game: A bright idea is necessary as basic concept of a game. Don’t you remember games with awkward graphics and ugly sound, but we still spend plenty of time playing it? And that is what makes a game great: You do not care if there are millions of polygons, because the game is fun and its presentation fits to it.

Okay, I am part of a huge game project: Diccuric, a 3D single player RPG.

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