screen2 screen4Zeitung (German for news paper) was developed during the overnight contest at Devmania 2013.

Did you ever sit down to read a news paper and a fly interrupted your peace? Now is your time to fight back!

The game is a catch the fly game with multiple types of enemies and a final boss fight. All content is self-made. Because of copyright reasons, I replaced the news paper textures with a simple hand-drawn one in the download.

Enjoy the game, it was made with Löve2D and runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac.

The game is licensed under CreateCommons-CC BY-NC-SA 3.0.


Sebastian “Hagish” Dorda : Sound & Code & Gfx
Markus “Moe” Vill : Gfx & Code & Music
Robert “Ghoulsblade” Noll : Gfx & Code
Simon Kompass as “the Hand”

Download (requires an installed version of Löve2D); launch with love zeitung.love.

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