Cupcake Kingdom: Animal Run

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During the Global Game Jam 2014, we started to design our digital game with an analogue prototype. During our test phase and game mechanic optimisations, we realised that we enjoyed the game as a physical game already and we decided to create a board game and a digital implementation (in Unity).

This game is designed for four players. Each of them plays an animal that needs to find its item and return it back home. When two player land on the same field, they have to swap characters. The first character that reaches home wins.

The board game contains all that you need to create your own board and characters, and a full manual. Please click on the PC version screenshot to see the tile layout.

Full rules:

Meet our animal friends – Willy – the whale, Timmeh – the cat,  Hannah – the Chicken and Greg – the Unicorn.  Help them in a tricky adventure to get their treasures back – an egg (chicken), a lasagna (cat), a rainbow (unicorn) and a petunia pot (whale) and bring it back home safely. A wonderful multiplayer game idea created in two worlds – a board game with awesome papertoys and a digital casual game for different platforms.

The Game is accompanied by an over-the-top cotton candy chiptune track to fall in love with! The rules are simple:
– Start with one of the 4 characters and your personal secret mission.
– Each character has a specific item it needs to get home
– Find out yourself what character-item combination it is.
– Without an item you can move 3 tiles, with an object 2 tiles, but only in three directions: left, right and forward. You can drop the item (which remains on the current position) to run 3 tiles again.
– If two characters cross paths, the players switch character. If, at that time, they are holding an item, they keep that item.

Get the correct item and help your animal to win!

This challenge is yours to play with 3 other people. Have fun – analogue and digital!


Andreas Solleder, Martin Dechant, Yelena Vakker, Johannes Molz, Markus Vill, D_Storm


PC Version (Windows)

Board game

Source code


License: Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 version of the Creative Commons License

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