Lizard’s Journey

lizardWe made this game during the MiniGameJam in April 2014. It is a survival game, the player controls a lizard man that has to live as long as possible. You will need to keep your body temperature in an acceptable range and drink from time to time.  To find new sources of water and fire, you can dig through mountains. The game generates the map randomly.

Team: Marcus Ihde (code), Markus Vill (code), Meral Leyla (music), Nicolai Czempin (code), Aldo Brießmann (code), Terence-Lee Davis (graphics), Francisco Pinto (code), Bernd Hildebrandt (graphics), Sotos (code)

We made the game with Löve2D engine 0.9.1.

The game is released under MIT license.

Download the love file (Löve2D required on the machine).

Source Code @ GitHub

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