titleshot3shot2Did you ever wonder what would happen if you combine Tetris and a Shoot’n’Up game into a single game? Honestly, we did not either until our Mini GameJam in June 2014. We decided to create some random pieces with a lot of additional blocks around them. Player one controls those blocks while the second player has a space shit that can shoot at those blocks and destroy them. To avoid that the ship sits it a good position while the other player turns and moves his pieces, blocks below the ship will break and the space ship is destroyed if a piece falls onto it.

We made the game with Löve2D.


  • Aldo Brießmann (Code)
  • Marcus Ihde (Code)
  • Markus Vill (Code)
  • Michael Klier (Sound)
  • Philipp Kapusta (Music)
  • Thomas Wellmann (Graphics)

The game uses the GPLv2 license. Get the Löve2D-Engine for your platform and download our game to play. Looking for the code? Check our repository at GithHub.

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