titlescreenshotDuring the August 2014 Mini Game Jam in Munich, we decided to make a little two player coop game in a science fiction scenario: The first player controls the vehicle and he has to drive to it to a safe place. The second player controls the defense system on top of the vehicle and his task is to defend the car against some monsters.

Unfortunately, we did not have an artist this time. Yes, yes, I hear you saying that I do art from time to time myself, but I was bound to programming tasks this time.

We made the game with Löve2D (0.9.1) again. We used its physics engine which gave me the opportunity to finally look into Box2D.


  • Kristian Klemon (Code)
  • Aldo Brießmann (Code)
  • Michael Klier (Audio)
  • Markus Vill (Code)

You can find the source code at GitHub, we use GPLv2 again. Please get and install the Löve2D engine before you download and play our game.

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