Ouroboros – Adventures of Sir Wayne Finley

This game was developed during the Global Game Jam 2012 at the Munich site. It is a Jump’n’Run, but it modified the original target. Instead of running through small levels, the player runs through a single level endlessly. The game does not refresh destroyed platforms, so the game gets more difficult with each run. Enemies and coins are refreshed.

Yes, the game is a classical highscore game and we have a local highscore list.

GGJ page.


Robert Noll
Barbara Köhler
Thomas Wellmann
Markus Vill
Melanie Kuhle
Filippo Beck Peccoz
Brian “Search89”
Sebastian Dorda

The game was developed with Löve 2D version 0.7.2.

Download source code Win32.

Download love package (Love 0.8.0).

Source @ GitHub

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