Music Garden

Music Garden is an Android game that we created during a short Game Jam. At this game jam, we wanted to play with Pure Data, a system for interactive audio. In this game, the player creates a garden. Plants grow randomly, but it is also possible to insert new ones by talking to the garden. Of course, the flowers need some care. If the player does not water them, they will get old.

But what about music? Well, each flower creates a tune or a tone. Depending on the players position and his gardening skills, he gets a nice melody or some ugly noise.

The game requires Android 2.3 or higher.

Install: Download this package and extract it. Install the apk and copy the files from sdcard/musicgarden to the SD-card (or data partition) into the directory /sdcard/musicgarden/. Start the game and enjoy your new garden!

You can find the source code at Bit Bucket.


Barbara Köhler
Markus Vill
Rachel Simpson
Audio guys – sorry, I still need to figure out your full names 🙂



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